I’m Elena Stophel and I am your chef and coach at Well Fed by Elena. I am originally from Moscow, Russia and moved to the U.S. over 10 years ago. Growing up in Russia I cooked with my grandmother from the moment I started walking, helping her make dishes using fresh vegetables and herbs from our garden. In my culture growing up, food always took center stage with family and friends and sharing a freshly prepared meal or cooking up a feast for special occasions was always a high priority for my family.

We had our first son, Matthew, in 2007, and he had some food intolerances, which, as a new parent, were an alien concept. Utilizing my knowledge of cooking with fresh ingredients and given very limited choices of real-food for Matthew, I began preparing fresh organic baby food for him.

After having Matthew, my understanding of cooking, ingredients that I use, nutritional value of my dishes, what is best for little bodies, in particular, and human bodies, in general, has taken on a completely different meaning. Matthew and his siblings, Charlotte and Benjamin, set me firmly on my journey to “whole, real-food” based life-style for me and my family.

I am thrilled to offer diverse, nutritious meal options based on my experience with nutrition and fitness, my international background, as well as our travels, for those looking for an easy and convenient way to support their health and fitness goals.

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