What I offer:

  • A 6-month, personalized, private coaching program, aimed at creating sustainable and long-lasting changes, that is proven to identify and create a lifestyle that promotes optimal health and vitality for a client.
  • I offer 21 Day Sugar Detox coaching, both group and private.
  • I specialize in helping busy professionals create optimal nutrition support and find balance in their life.
  • I work with families in helping them establish better nutritional options, change habits around food choices and lifestyle, particularly, getting children to eat better and improve their health and activity levels.
  • I give talks on nutrition, sugar, cravings, weight management, and more.
  • I offer grocery store tours and pantry makeovers to support nutrition and health goals.
  • I offer cooking demos and cooking classes.
  • I offer a FREE initial health consultation to anyone interested in changing their nutrition, health and lifestyle.